Sallan Industrial Investment (SII) LLC, Sohar, is a leading FMCG manufacturing Company in Oman based in Sohar Industrial Estate Sohar, Oman.

SII produces various Home Care and Personal Care products in addition to Industrial cleaning products. SII is marketing their products under SANA brand in premium range competing with MNC products, WADI / IDEAL under economy range competing with local and regional brands. It has a full-fledge Sales and Distribution network in the Sultanate of Oman for local distribution.


The products are available in SANA brand in Premium Range – competing with well known brands. For Standard and Economy segment we have WADI, IDEAL brands to compete with local and regional brands.


We have excellent Logistics facilities and we own warehouses and fleet of vehicles for Distribution and Marketing of our products. We are strategically located in Sohar, Oman which can serve entire GCC countries, Iraq, Yemen by Road and also to India by sea.





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